Car fleet

RAIL1520 provides its clients with a wide range of new generation freight cars set on innovative bogies with increased axle load. The freight cars are manufactured at Tikhvin Industrial Site.

For detailed descriptions of freight car models, please refer to United Wagon Companys website.

The technical specifications of new generation freight cars provide the following competitive economic and technical edges:

   Due to an increased axle load of 25 tons, the car load can be raised by an average of 10%, which allows for significant savings on shipping costs for the consignor, and enhances the capacity of RZDs network.

   The new generation cars have a smaller impact on the track compared to that of freight cars mounted on standard bogies, which allows infrastructure owners to save on track maintenance.

   The maintenance interval of new generation cars has been extended to 8 years (or up to 1 million km). This reduces freight car life cycle costs compared to those for freight cars equipped with standard bogies.