The mission of RAIL1520 is to ensure development of the lease for rolling stocks as an effective financial instrument of the Russian economy on the basis of an advanced world experience.


Long-term relationship with client
RAIL1520 undertakes the task to carry out work ahead of schedule set for market demands as well as develops reliable and confidential relations with clients.

Cooperation with freight car suppliers
RAIL1520 seeks to become a strategic partner with freight car building plants providing them a stable sales market.

Emphasis on innovations and state-of-the-art railcar building technologies
RAIL1520 works to provide its clients with a quality fleet of freight cars, including new generation car models.


RAIL1520 is guided by high corporate culture standards, setting such high criteria for its business as competence, initiative and efficiency.

Honesty, decency and reliability
Our partners trust us: RAIL1520 fulfills its promises and commitments to clients and suppliers.

Being proactive
RAIL1520 is a continuously developing company which is open to innovative solutions and easily adapted to new market challenges.