RPC “United Wagon Company” has created an extensive service network, which provides technical service of freight railcars equipped withinnovativebogies.

Now 70 maintenance and repair and 6 training centers are organized (with further increase as necessary) for new generation freight railcars equipped withinnovativebogieswith 23,5 and 25 tf axle load (models 18-9810 and 18-9855) in the territory 1520 gauge.

A head service center for the operational maintenance of freight cars, set on innovative bogies, has been established in Tihvin Assembly Plant Titran-Express. The Plant is the basis for carrying out of pilot repairs of all nomenclature of new generation freight cars, manufactured in the enterprises of the Holding. It will help update repair documentation and effectively expand service experience and technologies over the whole railway network of 1520 mm track gauge.

The service centers are also established on the basis of car-repair enterprises such as:

  • Tihvin Assembly Plant Titran-Express
  • The Central Directorate of Infrastructure at Russian Railways
  • Carriage Repair Company – 1
  • Carriage Repair Company 2
  • Carriage Repair Company 3
  • Ural Railcar Repair Company
  • Transvagonmash
  • CRC (Khilok)
  • TransAsia Holding
  • Metafrax
  • Uralchem-Trans
  • Uralkali
  • Belarusian Railway (Belarus)
  • Saturn-1 (Belarus)
  • Kamkor Wagon (Kazakhstan)
  • Valga Depot (Estonia)
  • Lithuanian Railways (Lithuania)

In addition, partnership with administrations of the CIS and Baltic states.

Service centers are obliged to fulfill current uncoupling repair of freight cars, store parts andbogie unitsand transfer them for guarantee repair, as well as participate in investigation of the causes of freight car uncoupling.

In order to organize effective work when freight cars oninnovativebogies coupling for current repair the service centers and Russian Railways have approved the Regulations on cooperation.

The centers’ activity is focused to minimize delay time of rolling stock under repair due to storage of turnover stock of parts, bogies of models 18-9810 18-9855units at the railcar repair enterprises, and provide timely delivery of components to third-party railcar repair organizations.

The Service centers have been certified in accordance with Regulations on service centers by specially developed procedures; specialists were trained on technical maintenance process forinnovativebogie; maintenance normative documents and spare parts were provided.

The service centers are also established on the basis of car-repair enterprises of the Central Directorate for infrastructure in:

  • Chelyabinsk
  • Novokuznetsk-Severny
  • Sankt-Peterburg-Moskovsky-Sortirovochny
  • Krasnoyarsk-Vostochny
  • Bataisk
  • Sverdlovsk- Sortirovochny