Company news

10.12.2018 Metafrax orders 100 methanol tank cars from UWC
UWC will deliver tank cars (model 15-6880) by May 2019.
27.11.2018 UWC Holding wins Deutsche Bahn tender for delivery of flat cars
A total of 130 cars will be supplied from UWC to Deutsche Bah in the first half of 2020.
29.10.2018 MCC EuroChem buys 700 new generation hopper cars for transportation of mineral fertilizers
The rolling stock will be used to transport mineral fertilizers produced at EuroChem enterprises.
11.10.2018 UWC moves higher in ratings of the largest Russian companies: Forbes, RAEX-600 and RBC 500
UWC ranked 148th, 200th and 191st places respectively.
10.10.2018 United Wagon Company wins UMMC tender for supply of tank cars
Companies have signed several contracts to supply tank cars for transport of sulphuric acid.