BrIC bolsters its fleet of Tikhvin automatic discharge dump cars

03.04.2023 BrIC bolsters its fleet of Tikhvin automatic discharge dump cars

United Wagon Company (UWC) has started production of the next batch of 20 dump cars for the BrIC Research and Production Complex. Once the current order is fulfilled, the industrial transportation company will have 70 Tikhvin dump cars in its fleet.

BrIC will receive dump cars, Model 32-6982-01, with a larger body space of 42 m³ and a higher payload capacity of 72 tonnes. The specifications and design of the car allow for efficient transportation of bulk cargoes, especially fines. Compared to its mass-produced counterparts available on the market, the loading capacity of the Tikhvin dump car is higher by almost 10 tonnes, which allows for a 15% reduction in the fleet required for transportation.

The dump car features an automatic discharge system with an option of double-sided unloading. An important competitive advantage of this dump car is its service life of 32 years, compared to 22 years for its common-type counterparts.

Andrey Evgeniev, Chief Executive Officer of RPC BrIC: “We use Tikhvin dump cars to transport crushed stone and sand from mine quarries for highway engineering and construction companies. In 4 years of operation, these freight cars have proven themselves in the best possible way. They are trouble-free and reliable. To us, renewing our dump car fleet not only means investing in modern and efficient rolling stock, we are also improving our financial and operational performance.”

Russia's current dump car fleet is physically and technologically obsolete. Similarly, more than 30% of the fleet is beyond its standard service life. Almost 99% of the fleet has a payload capacity of 60-68 tonnes, which is significantly inferior to that of UWC's dump cars.

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