Company news

22.08.2013 United Wagon Company and Amsted Rail sign agreement on railway technology cooperation
UWC and Amsted Rail announce the signing of an agreement.
28.06.2013 Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant starts batch production of innovative railcars with increased loading capacity
TVSZ has started batch production of universal gondolas fitted with Barber bogie with increased axle load of 25 t.
11.04.2013 National Rating agency upgraded RAIL1520’s credit scoring up to A+ level ac-cording to the national credit scale
RAIL1520 joined to TOP-15 of the leasing companies in value terms of the new business.
29.03.2013 Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant is certified according to IRIS International Standard
Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant meets the requirements of IRIS.